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Adatto Menswear and Modern Gladiator Want to Put Denver Men in Fine Fighting Form

You won't find Adatto Menswear in any storefront. Instead, Adatto comes to you: You can consider this company your personal tailor, stylist and concierge. And now, in collaboration with Modern Gladiator, a Denver-based online magazine, Adatto is ready to put this region's men in fighting form -- a development they celebrated at a recent launch party.

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Martin Alvarez, the CEO of online men's lifestyle magazine Modern Gladiator, is originally from New York but has has lived in Denver for nearly twenty years."We are pleased to have Adatto linking up with the Modern Gladiator brand. I firmly believe in their business model and their sincerity to bring about confidence and poise to the modern man through dress and fashion," Alvarez says. "When we look great, we feel great, when we feel great, we can accomplish great things."

Adatto got its start when founder Chase Murdock gathered a bunch of friends together in Salt Lake City and decided to start a custom-tailored clothing business named Adatto, which means "well suited" in Italian. Today Adatto has consultants in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Denver; it plans to go national from its base here in five years.

John Hand works with Adatto as lead style consultant; he has over 27 years of experience in menswear. "My education in interior design allots me carefully honed fabric knowledge due to inherent fiber characteristics," says Hand. "Adatto is a lifestyle brand with an acute eye on investment effectiveness and customer service. It is always about our members first and foremost."

In five steps, Adatto can help a man look good and feel good, without breaking the bank for a custom suit. The process begins with scheduling an appointment with one of Adatto's style consultants. You then choose the fit and Adatto takes your measurements; you can personalize your suit by selecting fabric, accessories and individual details. Adatto constructs and tailors the piece and then in four to six weeks delivers the goods, complete with a perfect-fit guarantee.

Vertical integration -- and a tailoring facility in Shanghai -- allows Adatto to keep its price points low. The company has a curated fabric library of over 175 suit or blazer fabrics with a plethora of patterns, weights and colors; Adatto also has over 125 shirt fabrics, from the basics to eclectic patterns and colors. And then there are all the personalized options, ranging from thread colors for accent button holes on shirts and jackets, to nine different collar styles, six different cuff styles for shirts, an array of lining options for suits/blazers, and piping options.

The price for custom shirts ranges from $50 to $90, with packages available. Full suits range from $300 to $500. Adatto also offers a half-canvas suit or jacket -- a piece of canvas inside the jacket that allows for form fit and float as your body moves -- for $75.

Here's how Alvarez describes the start of Modern Gladiator: "I originally wanted to author a book that would help men deal with the complex issues that we all face in this modern world. It seems as though there is a lot out there in the way of helping women but few publications that actually assist men through the process of dealing with real world issues and being able to overcome them victoriously. I have always had an eager heart to help others and see the success of others thriving, so when I decided that a book would be a great platform to launch the idea, I thought that a magazine would be a forum in order to deal with these issues and how to handle them on an ongoing basis....

"We want to empower men to achieve the same qualities as gladiators: being focused, taking initiative, and being strong, combined with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, in order to survive the daily challenges of our modern world and become champions," says Alvarez.

Go to to start making your own custom suit, and read Modern Gladiator here.

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