Adults Only?

The works of local artist Viviane Le Courtois never fail to fascinate, but her latest installation (and the centerpiece of Trickle Down, a show of works by Le Courtois, John Lopez and Andrew Englander at Plus Gallery’s intern-run Object + Thought, 3559 Larimer Street) will go a step beyond by making folks laugh, uneasily: A pas-tiche of sculptural figures of fat children molded from liquefied candy like little plastic Buddhas and set against a gummy-candy curtain, it expresses the idea that you are what you eat, even if you’re ten years old and were trained to demand candy because you saw it on television.

That perfectly encapsulates the purpose of the show, which demonstrates, according to intern/curator Brittany Schall, how “adult issues are passed on to children who don’t even have the past experience to understand or handle them.” Lopez’s snapshots of kids doing inappropriate and sometimes heinous things and Englander’s biomorphic diptychs will round out the effect during the exhibit, which continues through December 26. For information, log on to
Oct. 17-Dec. 26, 2008

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