Aether Ceremony opens tomorrow at Black Book Gallery

Work by Max Kauffman, a former Denver resident, will be featured in a new show opening Saturday, March 15, at Black Book Gallery in the Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. Aether Ceremony "is a look at the interconnectedness of all things, the magic of every day and the sanctuaries we have from our day-to-day lives," explains Kauffman.

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The artist says he gets his inspiration from indigenous cultures ranging from the Maya to the Egyptians, as well as various modern artists. "I love work that takes risks and tells stories, and that uses language in a subtle way, or artists who have their own language or mythology they develop in their work," explains Kauffman.

His work is abstract, and he uses different mediums. "I played with some experimental canvas pieces and a series of found cans," he says. "These were great in that I had to really dig for a certain type of can, so they ended up to me as these artifacts and a nice meta scenario of what I like to portray in my work."

Although Kauffman now lives in Oakland, he'll be on hand for the opening reception, which runs from 6 to 10 p.m. on March 15. The first fifteen people through the door will get a chance to win a print and get a zine. The show will remain up through April 4.

For more information, go to the Black Book Gallery website.

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