Akomplice summer collection accessorized with pot in new look book

Always willing to push fashion to the next level, Patrick and Mike Liberty created their 2014 summer collection look book using the Native Roots legal grow operation and the 4/20 rally as a backdrop.

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With over 500 pounds of marijuana on hand in the Native Roots safe-rooms that mirror maximum security vaults, the Akomplice summer collection provided an interesting visual contrast to the flourishing plants. The collection includes long- and short-sleeve button-ups, jogger pants, sublimation tees with detailed cut-and-sew patterns, and custom tie dyes suited to the environment.

In the look book, Patrick Liberty also shares the brothers' "smoke weed for the children" stance inspired by the generation of marijuana tax revenue being donated to school construction: "You gotta love a state that sets it up so when you purchase recreational marijuana kids can have better schools!"

The Akomplice summer collection will be available June 5 in select stores and at the Akomplice webstore.

Keep reading for more looks at the Akomplice summer collection.

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