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Alamo Drafthouse goes crazy for Miyazaki

When The Wind Rises opens February 28 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, it will be the last new film from anime legend Hiyao Miyazaki, who is retiring. In honor of that auspicious occasion, the Alamo is paying tribute to the master with Miyazaki Madness, a series of seven of his greatest films. Starting with the fan favorite My Neighbor Totoro and hitting both career highlights and lesser known gems, the program is a chance for fans to say goodbye to the director in style.

"With his purported last film is coming out, it's good to get some of the solid classics up on the screen," says Keith Garcia, creative manager of the Alamo Denver.

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Five of the seven films will be shown on brand-new 35mm prints, and all but the final film will be offered in their dubbed version (My Neighbor Totoro will be offered both subbed and dubbed).

"With Studio Ghibli, they took time to find good English talent to do voices," explains Garcia. "A lot of people remember Kiki's Delivery Service for Phil Hartman and Kirsten Dunst, and that means a lot to them. Especially since we wanted to focus on the power of the animation and stories, we wanted to focus on dubbed versions."

See the full schedule below, and purchase tickets at the Alamo Drafthouse website.

My Neighbor Totoro: 2 p.m. (dubbed) and 7 p.m. (subbed) Monday, February 17

Kiki's Delivery Service (35mm): 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 18

Princess Mononoke (35mm): 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 19

Howl's Moving Castle (35mm): 2 p.m. Sunday, February 23

Pom Poko (35mm): 7 p.m. Monday, February 24

Spirited Away (35mm): 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 25

From Up on Poppy Hill: 7 p.m. (subbed) Thursday, February 27

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