Alamo Drafthouse offers bargain movies Friday, Pam Grier Monday, Signature Events in April

Dedicated fans and curious cinephiles alike don't have much longer to wait -- the Denver area's own Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is opening in a matter of days. The storied theater chain officially kicks things off Monday, March 25, with a grand-opening event honoring Pam Grier, who grew up in Denver; the theaters will also be offering a full roster of movies. Those who can't wait until then can get a jump start beginning Friday, March 22, with a series of bargain-priced films, including both recent hits like Zero Dark Thirty and classics like Animal House, for the theater's staff-training days. This means your waiter probably won't know the menu much better than you do, but, hey, $2 movies!

The real draw, though, is the kick-off week of Alamo Signature Events, which start April 4.

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"When it comes to ... the Alamo Signature Events, that everyone who's an Alamo fan has grown to love, there's this huge excitement that that's coming to Colorado," says Tom DeFrancia, one of the Alamo Denver partners. "We're really excited to introduce these events to people who are unfamiliar with them, to start growing our own following of signature event fans here."

The week kicks off with a special Denver Film Society presentation of Upstream Color, the new film from Primer director Shane Carruth. The screening is the first of regular DFS screenings at the Alamo, marking the latest stage of the Alamo's partnership with DFS. Friday, April 5, brings The Big Lebowski Quote-Along, and Saturday offers a celebration of big hair and spandex pants with the Totally '80s Sing-Along and the more refined Cinema Cocktails showing of the Marilyn Monroe classic Some Like It Hot, with drink specials selected to complement the film by Alamo mixologist Bill Norris. On Sunday, April 7, you can stuff yourself at the all-you-can eat The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Spaghetti Dinner, which naturally pairs the finest Italian Western ever made with some fine Italian dining.

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The fun doesn't end with the weekend. Monday, April 8, offers a Tough Guy Cinema presentation of the prescient RoboCop paired with live pyrotechnics. Tuesday brings an Oskar Blues beer dinner showing of The Jerk. Wednesday is a chance to get in touch with your softer side at the Girlie Night presentation of Dirty Dancing, and the week wraps up with the Anchorman Quote-Along, offering you a chance to show off your knowledge and love of Ron Burgundy in a supportive space.

It's an action-packed week specifically designed to get local movies fans hooked on the Alamo brand of film-going."This is a special week where we're showing events every day, sometimes more than one event a day," DeFrancia says. "We want to pump this up to show people how we're different and give them a taste of what's to come."

As the area's Alamo settles in, it will be programming signature events as demand dictates, and tailoring them to local sensibilities. "We're able to localize events based on what's happening here in Colorado already -- for example, the Oskar Blues beer dinner," DeFrancia explains. "This beer dinner is just an example of what's to come. We'll have a lot of freedom and flexibility to put beer events together because there's so many breweries in Colorado."

Find a complete listing of the opening films, showtimes and purchase tickets to any of the regular showings or special events at the Alamo Drafthouse Denver website.

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