All comment threads lead to illegal immigration

It's like a weird rule of web-based journalism that, if a post generates more than about six or seven reader comments, the discussion must somehow inevitably delineate to illegal immigration, no matter how unrelated to illegal immigration the original post was. It's still pretty disconcerting every time it happens, but it happens almost ever time, and our light-hearted 50 reasons Colorado is the best state in America post yesterday did not escape that treatment. Reader "Blah Blah Blah" clocks in at about comment number 8, using medical marijuana as the jumping-off point.

Although it's great that MMJ is legal here, it doesn't need to saturate Westword. It actually makes Denver look really bad, especially when list maker said there are more MMJ stores than schools. We can't even afford schools here anymore because so many illegal aliens have taken them over.

And two people liked that comment! Not to be outdone, reader Rebl Stevn responds with a screed so grossly stereotypical right-wing we're not even sure if he's serious or not:

Colorado is still majority white? Wait, the faggot liberals who read this are probably refugee white flighters who would disagree with that statement publicly, but then curse when another non white moves into their condo complex. Colorado was a nice place, until a bunch of faggots from California moved there. I still visit, but I always go home. How about a moratorium on the invaders from the left coast. Faggots from Cali need Mexicans to wipe their ass and pick their vegetables, so Colorado will soon be a shit hole, thanks to faggots from California.

Sigh... welp, God bless America, amiright?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.