All hail the return of the Ski Train

Okay, so it didn't even miss a single winter, but the news that Phil Anschutz was pulling the plug on the Ski Train because it wasn't making money -- although it never made any money -- was met with a collective groan.

But the company that operates the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad in and around the San Luis Valley stepped in with a newer train and better operating conditions because they operate multiple railroads and bring a certain economy of scale to the project.

The new cars were made in the 1990s and look a bit more comfortable than their predecessors, but also more vanilla. (The spokesman in the video above gives a tour of a car.) The new scheme also allows passengers to buy one-way tickets and overnight in Winter Park without buying extra tickets.

The new Rio Grande Scenic Ski Train is slated to run from Union Station to Winter Park from December 27, 2009, to March 28, 2010.

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Eric Peterson