All-Stars at the Dick

The 2007 Sierra Mist Major League Soccer All-Star Game, taking place tonight at 7 p.m. at the splendid Dick's Sporting Goods Park, was supposed to trumpet the arrival of Sir David of Beckham to America's playing fields. The rumor, though never confirmed, was widely reported. He'd be free of waivers from Real Madrid by then, right? Why wouldn't Beckham debut in the All-Star game? Because Emperor Philip Anschutz probably wanted the mystique (read: profit) of Beckham's inaugural outing to benefit his team, the Los Angeles Galaxy, as opposed to the entire league, that's why. So for now, Beckham will merely sit in the commissioner's box. But that hasn't stopped hungry soccer fans from snatching up tickets to watch eighteen MLS All-Stars do battle with the legendary Celtic FC, a storied Scottish soccer club that had an impressive run in last year's Champions League. Technically, the game is already sold out, but a handful of $25 standing-room-only tickets should be available for sale at the Dick's box office through kickoff, so get there early and get your game on: Beckham will be on the field soon enough. Visit for details.
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Adam Cayton-Holland