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Reader: I'll Go to the Movies, and Watch the Arguments, Too

AMC will reopen theaters in Colorado, including the Southlands complex.
AMC will reopen theaters in Colorado, including the Southlands complex. AMC
On August 14, AMC, the Kansas-based corporation with stock shares trading for less than the cost of a matinee movie ticket, announced that it will be reopening its multiplexes in select markets on August 20. Those markets include the Front Range, where theaters include AMC Flatiron Crossing 14, AMC Orchard 12, AMC Highlands Ranch 24, AMC Westminster Promenade 24, AMC Southlands 16 and AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16.

When they reopen, there will be a string of new health and safety procedures in place. "Movie-lovers in your area will be among the first to experience our new AMC Safe & Clean initiative, which is designed in cooperation with current and former faculty from the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Clorox Company," the company announced.

But is that enough to lure people back in to the dark? Would you go to the movies? Here are some of the comments readers posted in response to our story about AMC reopening.

Says Kevin:
Can't see myself going back, especially with the movies they have been releasing at home, complete shit.
Responds Mike:
If I can stand in line at Home Depot six feet apart, what's the difference between that and sitting six feet apart on a theater? Those who disagree can stay home and stream. What a concept.
Counters Naomi:
Hell, no. Didn't do movie theaters BEFORE coronavirus, sure as heck won't be doing them now. I'm happy with my TV, sound system, sofa and snacks.
Comments Ryan:
Sorry, sitting somewhere that was half-assedly wiped down by an indifferent teenager after some sweaty goon was just sitting there doesn't sound like a good time in a pandemic.
But that doesn't deter George, who concludes:
Yup, and I'll buy popcorn to watch the arguments, too.
If you're willing to give it a try, AMC is offering a real deal during the reopenings: The company — which is celebrating a century of screening films this year, even though it's spent much of it in the dark — will be offering tickets for a mere fifteen cents, plus tax, the price of admission when the theaters launched back in 1920.

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