Another Four-Letter Word

Did you hear the one about Colleen, the online-date-a-holic whose most recent courting fiasco involved the Itcher and his unfortunately boisterous “Hey, lady!” greeting, which instantly turned heads at P.F. Chang’s? These sorts of urban-dating legends — fraught with disaster and innate satire, and too juicy to make up — inspired Love Stories and Other Disasters, the quirky, comedic and oftentimes tragic theatrical companion to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s Museum of Broken Relationships exhibit, a collection of once-cherished love-related objects.

In collaboration with Stories on Stage, BMoCA is now delivering twenty real-life relationship fables in an interactive art exposition. “Some are good love stories, some are bad,” says education director Shannon Crothers. “We wanted to give the community an opportunity to contribute to the physical exhibition through writing.” To that end, Boulder-based Mocavo, a company that specializes in genealogy, was called on to collect authentic disaster love stories from local residents.

Love Stories and Other Disasters unfolds tonight at 7 p.m. at BMoCA, 1750 13th Street in Boulder; the accompanying exhibition runs through May 26. Tickets to the performance are $10 for members, $13 for the general public; for more information, call 303-443-2122 or visit
Thu., May 16, 7 p.m., 2013

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Jamie Siebrase is a Denver-based freelance writer, and author of the forthcoming Falcon Guide Hiking Wth Kids, Colorado: 52 Great Hikes for Families.
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