Ape shit: Guerilla Garden unveils 5,000 square foot mural on Friday

While the Denver Housing Authority's 1099 Osage Street building, part of the South Lincoln/Mariposa Redevelopment project, won't be completed until January 2012, it's already making changes in the neighborhood. And on Friday, Guerrilla Garden will unveil a 5,000 square-foot mural at the corner of 11th Avenue and Osage Street. "The building wasn't built yet, so we had the task of creating a mural for a building that didn't exist that's ninety feet tall in a studio with ceilings that are just twenty feet tall," says Jeremy Silas Ulibarri, better known as Jolt, the artist behind Guerilla Garden. As he worked through the process, he also filmed the creation of the eight-story-high project, which involved painting pieces and then installing them onto the building.

Friday's festivities include an unveiling of the mural at 2 p.m. at 1099 Osage, and then a lecture at 6 p.m. at the Guerilla Garden studio at 3821 Steele St., Unit A., where Jolt will discuss the project and show some of the video footage. Refreshments will be served, too; if you stick around, you can wish Jolt a happy thirtieth birthday.

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Jenny An
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