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Are DIA Conspiracies Denver's Greatest Work of Public Art?

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1. A shadowy cabal of global elites has plans for brutal incarceration and genocide.

2. A prophetic warning from otherworldly, celestial beings about an impending environmental catastrophe and mass extinction. 

3. Global elitists with occult knowledge honor Satan and the apocalypse with a statue nicknamed "Blucifer" (whose creation killed artist Luis Jiménez).
4. Secretive, medieval societies like the Freemasons and Illuminati see the airport as Satanic cathedral.

5. There are secret bunkers five to seven levels deep beneath the airport used either as an underground network of fallout shelters for the global elite or a FEMA concentration camp to exterminate the commoners.
6. The capstone’s commemorating the “New World Airport Commission” shows that the New World Order build the airport as a command center in its quest to establish a single, all-powerful global government.

7. Airport runways are shaped like a swastika (or a cobra or a penis).

What's your favorite airport conspiracy theory?
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Jared Jacang Maher