Are you f*cking kidding me!?!

US Weekly recently came out with the “25 Most Stylish New Yorker’s” list. Among the lucky few were Tim Gunn, Stephen Colbert, Stacy London, Natalie Morales, etc., but as I was scrolling through the few and the proud I came across someone so astounding, a little of my breakfast actually came up. Kimora Lee Simmons was among the best dressed. Are you f*cking kidding me!?! Famed wife to Russell Simmons and creator of the Baby Phat, yeah Baby Phat! Kimora should remain in her "ginormous" closet and stay there.

Not only is her line of clothing absurd and cheap looking, but her clothing is so tight and slutty, I considered purchasing some as part of a Britney Spears Halloween costume. She prances to events in crazy short, tight spandex and apparently, due to her husband’s fame, she is an elite fashion designer.

Here are some pics…you judge for yourself. These are some of her better fashion choices:

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Sean Cronin