Arguments and Grievances celebrates three years of competitive trash talking Sunday

Trends in comedy come and go, but there's something classic about Kevin O'Brien's monthly Arguments and Grievances night. The simple twist of pitting local comics against one another for debates on inconsequential themes -- which garnered a Best of Denver award this year from Westword -- has been working for three years straight as of this weekend, when O'Brien and friends will celebrate with another evening of ridiculous bouts.

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O'Brien waxes nostalgic about the anniversary on Facebook:

When the show began in 2010, Ol' Kev had a thick head of hair, Sam Tallent weighed more than Nathan Lund, Bobby Crane hadn't been arrested yet, Mara Wiles was still wearing overalls, and nobody had heard of Jordan Doll. Many things have changed, except Chris Charpentier, that man is eternal. Come celebrate three years of free shows with fine ass craft beers and laughs.

And here's why: On Sunday, November 17, Bobby Crane and Mara Wiles will volley over the subject of Olympic Games vs. Hunger Games, Nathan Lund and Elliot Woolsey will recall the pros and cons of 90210 vs. Saved By the Bell, Chris Charpentier and Christine Buchele will face off over Smoking vs. Joking, and Jordan Doll and Jim Hickox will engage in fisticuffs over the merits and demerits of Pirates vs. Sailors. And for the finale? Troy Walker and Sam Tallent will get seasonally wiggy about Turkey vs. Cranberries -- and that opens up a whole other can of yams.

Join the party at 10 p.m. at the Vine Street Pub -- admission is free!

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