Art Meets Fashion in Colorado Springs

And here's yet another reason to love the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center:

Styling the Modern: Fine Art Meets Fashion May 10 - July 6, 2008

The CSFAC is such a cultural treasure that many people in Denver are not familiar with. During Colorado's real art heyday -- 30s, 40s and 50s -- most of the great work was coming out of the Springs in general and the CSFAC in particular. (Not, it wasn't always a conservative, religious hot bed.) And this Friday they're having a grand opening of the new David Owen Tryba-designed wing that looks stunning. They've also got the Frida Kahlo portraits up through the end of September, and in May they're hosting Syling the Modern: Fine Art Meets Fashion. Here's there description so you can mark your calender:

Many would be surprised to know that renowned artists such as Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder and Henry Moore not only created great paintings, drawings and sculpture, but also had a hand in modern fashion. In the 1940s these artists and others were invited to design grand-scale scarves by the famous Ascher family textile workshop. These stunning works of wearable art from the collection of Jill A. Wiltse and H. Kirk Brown III were created in limited editions, after which the templates were destroyed in the tradition of fine art printmaking. This exhibition features a series of approximately twenty of these vibrant scarves designed by various modern artists, as well as examples of the media for which these artists are most recognized.

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Amy Haimerl