Art With Heart

If you're an art enthusiast who's tired of buying overpriced work to support a guy hooked on cappuccinos and black turtlenecks, come down to the Gallery at 910 for the opening reception of the Dalit Freedom Network and North East India Project, tonight from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The exhibit tells the stories of artists who have been producing art for thousands of years but have been consistently oppressed and underprivileged. It features a wide range of original art from the Dalits — commonly known as the Untouchables — and the indigenous people of northeast India. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go to support the two groups.

"A lot of the art is inspired by their oppression," says Michelle Rosendah, social justice advocate and art-show coordinator. "It's a cry for freedom from the oppression they've endured."

Dalit Freedom Network and North East India Project will stay up through January 11, 2008, at the gallery, 910 Santa Fe Drive. For more information, call 303-815-1779 or visit
Nov. 16-Jan. 11, 2007

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