Artisan chapbook Titmouse celebrates its second release tonight at The Dikeou Collection

Daniel McDonald and Serena Chopra know that Titmouse is a funny name for a publication. But that's the point. The minds behind this seasonal collection of art, poetry and music may have picked the name for no reason other than it may induce a giggle, but the work found inside the magazine is very much intentional. Each edition is full of poetry and visual pieces by local writers and artists, complimented by a curated collection of music from in and around Colorado as well.

"We wanted to focus on people in the Front Range and all around Colorado," McDonald says of Titmouse contributors. By keeping it local, the magazine aims to connect readers with the featured artists -- the idea is that if you like something you read or the music on the compilation, the writers and performers are in reach.

Also, Titmouse sees itself as a different kind of magazine because it is completely curated. They do not take submissions, instead choosing to go out into the community and find material and artists to work with. McDonald also stresses that is not a vanity publication, and that Titmouse doesn't promote friend's work, so much as it culls from current, active artists.

Titmouse Issue Two will be released tonight for free at a celebratory gathering that is also free at The Dikeou Collection (1615 California St. Suite 515.) Maudlin Magpie and Tall City will play, along with poetry readings from various contributors. This event is all ages and begins at 7:30 p.m. for more information visit the Titmouse Issue Two event page on Facebook.

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