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Artist House Tours: Photographer Jill Mustoffa's Wheat Ridge haven

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What's your favorite thing about your Wheat Ridge neighborhood?

The fact that I can have livestock in my backyard. I can have my horse in my backyard And it's really close to the city. Wheat Ridge is very reasonably priced. There are so many cute little neighborhoods, but you have to drive around to find them.This is paradise and the best part -- it's hidden.

Is there a hidden gem in your neighborhood?

You betcha -- my home! I am very drawn to urban decay, but I need grounding. I love the city, I thrive on it! I am a city girl at heart. When you put me in the city, I'm a country girl, and when you put me in the country, I'm a city girl.

I need to have the earth around me so I get grounded. I need the sound of animals to make me calm. This is my sanctuary. If I want the city, I am there in fifteen minutes. I have the best of both worlds here.

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