Artist/student Taylor Tsakopulos spotted on Auraria campus

Fashion can reference many things in a single look: design, architecture, culture. We recently spotted Taylor Tsakopulos, a student on the Auraria campus whose style encompasses endless possibilities. Continue reading to learn her fashion icons, style mantra and picks for the best places to shop.

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Name:Taylor Tsakopulos.

Spotted at: Outside the King Center on the Auraria Campus.

Profession: I'm a full-time student majoring in journalism at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Favorite film: City of God and Pan's Labyrinth.

2014 jam: "Holy Grail" by Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake and "Fading In" by a local band called Continuum.

Style inspirations/icons: All of the different cultures and people around me. My style is urban hipster mixed with high-end fashion as well. I like architecture and I'm an artist with acrylics and photography. I like patterns, designs, shapes and colors.

Favorite accessory: My fifteen piercings and also rings.

Favorite color: Green, lime green.

Style mantra: Just be me, and go out in the world and be different. I'm going to be how I want and if people like or not, that's fine.

Shops at: Thrift stores, Guess, DKNY and Nordstrom. Online I shop at Just Fab, Chinese Laundry and Lulu.

Tsakopulos's shoes are by Tom's. Tsakopulos sports several rings, as well as a mint belt and Mason jar filled with tea. "Colorado is a culmination of everything," says the native. "There are people from all over here. I think people's personal style is a reflection of their surroundings."

Catch our eye with your womenswear, Denver, and you could be spotted next.

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