Astronaut Bruce McCandless II touches down at Space Day tomorrow at the DMNS

When it comes to Astronauts, Bruce McCandless II is a straight O.G. Selected by NASA in 1966, a mere eight years after the agency was founded, he got right down to business as the CAPCOM -- the astronaut NASA designates as a mission-control liaison to the astronauts in space -- of Apollo 11, the first mission to the moon, and went on to become the first astronaut to float untethered in space (check out that photo at right. Yeah, that's him) and one of the main guys who set up the Hubble Telescope in 1990. Tomorrow afternoon, he'll float untethered into the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

It's part of the DMNS's Space Day, where it'll play host to a number of activities for the kids, including building a space shuttle out of gumdrops and paper cups (MacGyver notwithstanding) and using walkie-talkies to chat with an astronaut inside a Mars diorama. But the main attraction is definitely McCandless, who will give two presentations during the day: At 12:30 p.m., he'll talk about his experiences in space in general, and later, at 3 p.m., he'll give a presentation about robots in space.

Just to clarify, that second one is a presentation about robots in space.

Regular museum rates ($6 for kids, $12 for adults) apply. For tickets or more information, call 303-370-6000.

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