Atlanta grape lady: Your moment of lulz

If you think about it, there is really only one attraction for TV taped live: that deep in our most schadenfreude-drive hearts, we're secretly hoping something gets fucked up -- the local TV news really has little else going for it. And in that respect, this Fox affiliate out of Atlanta delivers. From the archives comes this clip with all the qualifications for a good fail -- the hubris and the hilarious bodily injury -- but as an added bonus, also features the correspondent bleating like a toppled cow and an awesome cutaway to the baffled looks of her nonplussed colleagues.

The most obvious lulz come from about 0:49 on -- if that's what this lady sounds like when she gets injured, we really wish there could be a video for every it happened -- but if you're paying close attention, the real setup comes at 0:11, when as she's stepping into the grapes, she mutters, "ugh, disgusting."

Because you know what, lady? Looks like the grapes don't like you, either.

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Jef Otte
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