B-Sides brings Harold & Kumar, Buffy and The Jerk back to the big screen

Now in its second season, the 


 film series at the Denver Film Center digs up and plays some kitschier movies of the last few decades as companions to this summer's Film on the Rocks' picks.

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For each movie shown at Red Rocks, B-Sides will offer a similar film at the Denver Film Center -- like next week's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and its B-Side companion, Speed Racer -- with picks connected by director, actor, time period, or theme.

"Film On The Rocks is based some really fantastic cult films that speak to a wider audience, and B-sides plays off of that," says Keith Garcia, programming manager for Denver Film Center. Often, the B-Side showing acts as a trial run for future Film on the Rocks picks, gauging crowd interest in out-of-the-ordinary favorites for future outdoor screenings.

Garcia also says that the idea of running these films for several days at a time gives people more of a chance to grab a showing of an old favorite during the week, unlike Film on the Rocks, which is more of a full-fledged event. For a full list of B-Side showings or to purchase tickets, visit www.denverfilm.org or call 303-595-3456.

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