The subject of this week's Message column (see page 16), Dave Navarro, is comfortable in a slew of mediums, including music, as guitarist for the Panic Channel and onetime string-stroker for Jane's Addiction; television, as the centerpiece (with ex-wife Carmen Electra) of two MTV reality shows and a judge on CBS's Rock Star; and the Internet, as the main attraction of Spread Entertainment on Thus far, however, he hasn't starred in any porn films — but he eagerly agreed to host tonight's fourth annual Adult Film Star Ball and says he feels a kinship with performers who share their freakiness with chronic masturbators everywhere.

"It's one of the only industries right now that has that flair of danger about it," Navarro notes. "Rock certainly doesn't. Back when Jane's Addiction was coming up, we were doing things that were really considered avant-garde and sexy and a little gritty. And that feeling doesn't exist in rock as much as it used to."

Joining Navarro at the ball will be skin-flick sensation Jesse Jane, whom Navarro calls "a good friend of mine," plus porn personalities ranging from Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy to top-heavy Mary Carey. According to Navarro, who seldom gets to enjoy Denver during his quick-hitting tour stops, the party gives him the opportunity to "just kind of hang out."

Betcha other things will be hanging out, too.

The action starts at 6 p.m. at La Bohème Gentlemen's Cabaret, 1443 Stout Street. Tickets are $45. For more information, call 303-820-3212 or visit
Sat., Aug. 25, 6 p.m.-2 a.m.

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