Balls: EXDO fires up a brand new ping pong night

Other than possibly your grandpa's basement, there aren't too many places to drink swill beer and play ping pong in this town -- and that's a damn shame, especially considering it's an excellent sport for hipsters. Luckily, hardly any sooner had we pointed that out than the clever folks down at EXDO Event Center thought to start up a ping pong night. And not just any ping pong night. Getting its inaugural run tonight and continuing every Tuesday night for the foreseeable future, EXDO's SMASH! is pretty much the absolute tits of ping pong nights.

EXDO is primarily an event-rental facility, a huge (but classy) warehouse of a joint people can rent to throw their recitals, weddings, conventions and whatever else; recently, though, the staff at EXDO has been looking at throwing more of their own events -- recent additions to the roster include Down and Derby, which EXDO spokesman Andrew Feinstein calls "an adult roller disco."

"We were looking to add another night of entertainment," Feinstein explains, "so somebody came up with the idea of why don't we do a ping pong club? It's something that's done well in other cities, we don't have one in Denver, and we have a philosophy of, well, we built the building, we might as well use it.

"I mean, we didn't do any demographic research on how many ping pong players are in Denver or anything like that," he adds. "We just thought it would be cool."

And EXDO is doing it up right. The night goes down in its main room, which will house 14,000 cavernous square feet of 25 ping pong tables, some of which are literally the best ping pong tables in the world -- to procure a good chunk of the tables, EXDO worked with high-end ping pong manufacturer KillerSpin, managing to procure at least one $3,000 Revolution table. "It's really the coolest table possible," Feinstein remarks. "It looks like a ping pong table from the future."

That's in addition to the other amenities EXDO is offering, which include VIP bottle service, a rock 'n' roll DJ and ping pong demos from experts -- not that you'll probably need that, Forrest Gump.

At tonight's kickoff event, EXDO is asking a suggested donation of $20 (though Feinstein emphasizes that, in this case, "suggested" really does mean "suggested," and you don't have to throw down that much) for an entire night of ping ponging, the proceeds of which it will donate to Invest in Kids, a Denver-based non-profit assistance program for low income families -- plus, the first 150 people through the door get a free beer. On future Tuesdays, it'll be a manageable $5 ($10 under 21) to play all night from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., or $10 per hour for a reserved table.

Get out that blade, bro.

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Jef Otte
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