Bawdy Beggars Roadshow hits Bar Standard with Cora Vette tonight

There are advantages to living in the same town as Cora Vette (aka Reyna Von Vett), the queen of burlesque emcees. Case in point: Tonight's Bawdy Beggars Roadshow at Bar Standard, which starts at 8:30 p.m. and costs $10 general admission, $25 for front-row VIP seats, is something you'd usually have have to travel to St. Louis to see. But she's brought Sammich the Tramp and the whole crew out west for one night only.

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"They were going through on a tour with a version of their Beggar's Carnival, which is their giant monthly show," Vette explains. "They put together a smaller traveling show to be able to tour other cities with the same elements of their show."

A show that's not like burlesque you'll see on any other stage in Denver. "They focus on a fun, alternative vaudeville style," she continues. "Sammich the Tramp has made a career for herself working on this slapstick, Charlie Chaplin-esque kind of comedy, and she's super-good at it, so she's sort of the star of the carnival. It's comic pieces and slapstick and shticks in between all the acts -- the lovable tramp."

And the acts themselves are noteworthy, too. Lola Van Ella has ranked nationally at burlesque competitions (including several titles at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival). And Ray Gunn -- one-third of Stage Door Johnnies, the boylesque sensation just back from an Australian tour -- will be providing a little something for the ladies. (He's what Vette terms "stupidly hot.")

"This is definitely the cream of the national community," Vette notes. "They reached out to me because they wanted a place to do their show, as opposed to an act in another show. So I'll be hosting the show, but very loosely, just introducing them, and my group might do a few numbers -- but this is their show, their creation."

After this, watch for the fourth annual Naughty Noel shows, "which is like it has been, only bigger and better and more naked," Vette says. And on December 27, she'll launch Technicolor Tease, a social happy hour followed by a classy, decadent burlesque show with a live jazz combo. "So it's going to be fuck-off good, I think," she concludes.

Stay tuned regarding all things Vette-related at www.coravette.com.

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