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Baymageddon brings an action-packed Michael Bay marathon to Alamo Cinema

Don't worry, there (probably) won't be any post-apocalyptic zombies at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema this Sunday. Probably. But when it comes to that day's ten-hour long marathon of action flicks from director Michael Bay -- the appropriately titled "Baymageddon" -- there are no guarantees. Continue reading for details on the theater's latest Tough Guys series screening.

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"When I first started programming the Tough Guy Cinema series for the Alamo Drafthouse, I wanted to take repertory film screenings to a new level, and the first films I could think of were modern masterpieces of mayhem from Michael Bay," says Alamo programmer Greg MacLennan. The world has Bay to thank for blockbusters like Pearl Harbor, Friday the 13th and I Am Number Four.

Despite the popularity of his work, Bay's are the sort of cinematic achievements that aren't typically taught in film school. "You don't see any books on them, but his films deserve to be recognized and revisited on the big screen," MacLennan says.

So, while you're slurping local brews and devouring penne pasta or tuna salad arranged atop fresh baby kale salad at a cinema-slash-art gallery named "the best theater ever" by TIME, three mystery Michael Bay movies will light up the big screen in a row.

For this weekend's marathon, MacLennan put together an unreleased line-up of Bay-sterpieces that nobody, not even Nostradamus, can predict. Unless, of course, the soothsayer has access to the Internet, in which case he or she'd be able to check out the recently released line-up teaser featuring three pictures: a box of Barnum's animal crackers, a rudimentary rocket ship, and a young Will Smith.

The actual line-up won't be formally unveiled until the event gets rolling at 2 p.m. Sunday. In the meantime, we can't promise you won't get the Bad Boys theme song stuck in your head all over again, just like we can't confirm you won't openly weep in your seat like you did that first time you saw Armageddon in the theater.

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"Baymageddon" begins at 2 p.m. Sunday at 7302 Santa Fe Drive in Littleton. Tickets are $30.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.