Be a Lumberjack and Be Okay

"What we’re shooting for is to give people a reason to get up here in the fall and pretend to be lumberjacks,” says Adam Williams, co-founder of the Man of the Cliff competition, a celebration of rugged outdoorsmanship in the tiny town of Red Cliff (just south of Vail on U.S. 24).

The third annual event, presented by Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, includes ax throwing, wood chopping, archery, caber toss, keg toss, hammer throw, two-man cross cut, cornhole and group tug-of-war competitions to determine the Man (or Woman) of the Cliff winner. And while it’s not for wusses, Williams says just about anyone is suited to being a pretend lumberjack.

“A lot of people hear ‘keg toss’ and think this is some kind of strongman competition, but the Man of the Cliff competition is surprisingly approachable,” Williams says. “About half our competitors last year were women, and let’s just say the average T-shirt size for the men was medium or large, not XXL. Anybody can compete in these events.”

There is a $50 registration fee for all of the weekend events, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to First Descents, a charity organization headquartered in Greenwood Village that provides week-long outdoor-adventure experiences for young-adult cancer fighters and survivors.

For registration and more information, including lodging discounts, visit
Oct. 1-2, 2011

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Colin Bane
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