Beauty and the Bug

Except when they’re biting, stinging or otherwise annoying us, we spend most of our lives ignoring insects. But a closer look at our little exoskeletal fellow travelers can reveal not just utility, but beauty and deeper meaning. That’s the concept behind The Sacred Bug and the Insect, a group show at Hinterland Art Space featuring the work of Heidi Jung, Malea Ellison, Grant Williams, Gail Boyd, Norman Broomhall, David Zimmer, Robin Schaefer and Sabin Aell in mediums ranging from painting to installation and video. Aell conceived of the show when she realized that she and several colleagues were all working on pieces that explored the world of insects as it intersects with technology, nature, mysticism and dreams.

“People don’t usually pay too much attention to bugs, because they’re so small. They play a way larger role than we think. If you take just one little bug out of the food chain, it changes everything completely,” Aell explains. “They also play really important roles in religion and culture. If you look at bugs and how intricate they are, and how colorful and detailed, they’re like little artworks.”

The show opens tonight with a reception from 6 to 10 p.m. at Hinterland, 3254 Walnut Street, and runs through October 7. For more info, call 720-309-1764 or visit
Aug. 27-Oct. 7, 2010

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