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Beavis and Butt-Head and four other '90s shows that deserve a revamp

Ever since MTV announced in February that Beavis and Butt-Head would return to television, we've been getting more and more stoked for the comeback of these cherished cartoon cretins. In anticipation of the redo, which is slated for this summer, we take a look at four more '90s TV shows that deserve a crappy revamp so that we can sit around and complain about how the original was better.

My So-Called Life This angsty show centered around the high school life and many, many emotions of alterna-teen Angela Chase (Claire Danes), who had BFF troubles, fights with her parents, and a tumultuous relationship with the hunky Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto). But since the show only ran for one season, it left a bunch of loose ends. Did Angela end up with Jordan, or nerdy outcast Brian Krakow? Or neither of those losers? Did Angela's dad ever hook up with that terrible Hallie Lowenthal? Did Rayanne ever sober up? All of these questions need to be answered Degrassi-style by bringing the original actors back as the parents of current high-school kids.

Daria Since Daria was a spin-off of Beavis and Butt-Head in the first place, it would seem only natural to pick up Daria right where the show left off as well. Since cartoon characters don't really have to age or follow any rules of logic, they can just plunk this sarcastic teen back in modern day high school to hate on everyone once more. We're excited to see what new, terrible things would be on the fake show-within-a-show, Sick, Sad World.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete We're not really sure how Nickelodeon could redo this cult classic about brothers Pete Wrigley and Pete Wrigley without making it lame. New kid Petes? The old actors grown up? Animation? But whatever way it's done, we definitely want more appearances from Iggy Pop and the B-52's Kate Pierson, and we definitely want that awesome Polaris song to still be the theme.

The Ren & Stimpy Show With cold computer animation as the norm in most modern cartoons, it's hard not to long for the detailed paintings that acted as backgrounds on Ren & Stimpy. That, and the dark, nutty humor. We miss Ren, the insane, bulging-eyed Chihuahua, Stimpy, the oblivious cat, and a children's show that didn't feel any need to be educational or wholesome. In 2003, Spike TV tried to do a revamp, but failed to get the voice of Eric Bauza, who played Stimpy. This fantasy reprisal would have all of the original cast members and animators, but none of the unnecessary nudity Spike threw in.

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