Bedloo lets the world tell you what to wear

Decisions, decisions. All day long, we struggle to make decisions: what to wear, what to eat, what to watch. We used to have to make these decisions on our own -- until we realized the power of social media. Now, thanks to the new app Bedloo, we never need to fret over decisions again.

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Denver transplant Vince Plummer and Denver native Todd Jones teamed up with Daron Destiny to create Bedloo, "a voting app on steroids, ready to take on the insatiable 'entertain me' appetite of today's tech-savy world," says Destiny. The trio held a launch party in Denver last week, just in time to help you decide what to wear to Denver StartUp Week, which starts today.

Bedloo is pretty simple to use. Say you're at a shoe store and can't decide between the red pumps or the yellow flats. Simply take a picture of both, upload the photos to the app in the correct category, like fashion, and all of a sudden Bedloo users around the globe will be voting on what shoes you should buy. "Let the world help you decide" -- that's the Bedloo slogan.

Bedloo also works with video and audio files so that bands and companies can use instant feedback before sinking all their funds into a new song or campaign. The app keeps track of voter demographics and lets you view comments from everyone.

What sets Bedloo apart from other social media platforms is that it happens before others do. "Most social media is what happens after the fact," Destiny explains. "Facebook and Twitter tell us what has happened. Bedloo brings the public into the decision-making process beforehand. Now people can weigh in and say, 'Yes, wear that dress' or 'Yes, definitely release that track' in real time with real feedback. With Bedloo, social media becomes a tool for brands, entertainers, and people to interact with the public in the now."

Which leaves just one question -- how did the app get that name? Bedloo came to Destiny in a dream, he says: "It has two syllables like Twitter or Facebook."

Bedloo is now available for free in the app store for iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as on the web. Give it a try, and never fuss about what to wear ever again.

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