Beer, Bikes and Big Wheels

Denver will be teeming with bikes today for New Belgium Brewing’s Urban Assault Ride. The UAR started in Austin, Texas, ten years ago, bringing the bike community together for an adventure/party mash-up, and last year Denver was the first city to sell out. Teams of two enter this race/scavenger hunt/obstacle challenge in a citywide quest on their trusty, eco-friendly steeds; each team maps out an individual route to the five checkpoints plus two mystery locations, then completes the five-minute funky obstacle at each place. The challenges change in every location every year, so be prepared for anything — and everything.

“We really want people to ride their bikes. We believe in bikes, and we think they can solve a lot of the world’s problems,” says Jon Vick of Adventure Fit sports marketing. “Everybody who comes out can have fun in their own way. It brings every aspect of the cycling community together, from competitive racers to I-ride-my-bike-four-times-a-year people.”

Denver’s Urban Assault Ride starts at 9 a.m. at Skyline Park, and competitors have three hours to complete all the challenges and re-turn to the park. Teams can sign up online until Friday or on Saturday at packet pick-up; the fee is $60 per person. Check out for details, then grab a map, tune up your bikes, and get ready to hit the streets.
Sun., July 22, 9 a.m., 2012

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Natalie Gonzalez