Beer, Here

Why, you might ask, is Wine Country Network Inc. hosting the inaugural Taste of Elegance Chefs Food and Beer Competition? Simple: Local chefs who participate in the organization’s annual Iron Chef-style Taste of Elegance wine competition in the fall enjoyed themselves so much that they clamored for a summer counterpart. “But we didn’t want to compete against ourselves with another wine event,” notes spokeswoman Darcy Davies. So beer it is.

Today at 6 p.m. at the Omni Interlocken Hotel, 500 Interlocken Boulevard, Broomfield, an intrepid group of one dozen or more chefs, including Michael Long of Opus and culinary chemist Ian Kleinman, will pair assigned medal-winning beers from the Denver International Beer Competition with original food concoctions. “They’ll only have a week to try the beer they’ll be working with, taste it and figure out what to pair it with,” says Davies. “We wanted to give it a certain sense of suspense.” And if the results are anything like those at the wine cook-off, she adds, “They’ll go way out on the food side of it — and some of the food is also very beautiful, in addition to being delicious.” After the judging, thank goodness, everyone tastes.

Tickets to the Taste are $85 in advance or $100 at the door; visit to reserve yours.
Wed., June 9, 2010

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