Behold, the ultimate snow report list

Hold on to your butts, powder hounds: Freaking Alabama has a ski resort (they currently have a zero inch base and also offer golf and horse riding). Wisconsin has 24 ski resorts to Wyoming's eight. Think Colorado has the most ski resorts? Not even close--New York has the most, and Michigan has the second-most.

I know this because blogger Steve Casimiro over at The Adventure Life did what we were too lazy to do and compiled a list of both websites and snow reports for all the ski resorts in the U.S. 

Out of 481 total resorts, only a few have zero presence on the web, and most offer snow reports. Unless you have a hankering for a particularly obscure mom-and-pop operation, you can pop over to the page Steve so generously compiled and figure out exactly what conditions are like with one click.

I imagine this'll also be a fantastic resource for eccentric billionaires, who can cruise for the best snow conditions in the country, jump onto their private helicopter/hovercraft, and jet to the resort of their choice each weekend. Lucky for us indigent peeps, there's a good chance it'll be in our backyard.

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