Best Movies for Fashion Gazing

With fall clothes coming into stores, it’s time for one of Cat’s favorite rituals of the season: watching the Thomas Crown Affair. Rene Russo is just so damned hot in that movie; she’s electrifying to watch. Every year Cat rents the movie to remind herself of how she’d like to dress and carry herself. There’s nothing flashy or daring about Rene's wardrobe, but it just drips money withouth trying too hard or being obvious. The cuts are impeccable, the fabrics luxurious. Rene may only be wearing a turtleneck and slacks, but you know it is the very best turtleneck and slacks money could buy. (The movie promo shots don't do Rene or her clothes justice, so you'll have to trust Cat.)

Sadly, Cat hasn’t ever been able to put together that kind of wardrobe, this isn’t the movies after all, but each year she dreams of how it might feel to look like that.

Got a favorite movie for fashion drooling? Post a note for Cat, and she’ll go check it out. Devil Wears Prada doesn’t count; it’s too obvious.

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Amy Haimerl