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Best of Denver 2015 Readers' Poll: Tell Us Your Favorites!

Gary Hart, John Elway and Stapleton International Airport. All three of those blasts from the past won awards in our Best of Denver issue back in 1988. So did Colfax Avenue, which won Best Neon Strip that year. And while the longest, wickedest street in America has changed a lot in the intervening years, Colfax has continued to light up the night. Last year, the venerable Twist & Shout won Best Store on Colfax -- again -- while the Sie FilmCenter next door won Best Movie Theater -- Programming. And that's just the start.

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The Best of Denver 2015 -- our 32nd annual celebration of the city -- will hit the streets (and the web) on Thursday, March 26, and the Best of Denver Readers' Poll is now live here. We're looking for your nominations in more than seventy categories in arts, entertainment, shopping, services, sports and recreation -- as well as your suggestions for additional awards. (The Readers' Poll represents just a fraction of the ultimate number of categories in the issue.)

After the first round of voting, there will once again be a time-out in mid-February to determine the five finalists in each category, then a second round of voting to pick the ultimate reader's choice. And this time, all voting will be done online.

That's not the only change we've seen over the years. Although the basic mission of the Best of Denver -- to honor our favorite people, places and things in the metro area -- has remained constant, there are always variations on the theme. While some categories always appear on the poll -- Best Museum Exhibit and Best Bronco, for example -- we're always adding new ones and retiring others, as tastes change.

And tabulating the poll winners is just the start of our Best of Denver efforts. Not only does our BOD squad come up with their own editorial winners for each of the poll categories, but we also make awards in hundreds of categories that are not on the poll.

So it's time to bring out your best! You can vote in the Best of Denver 2015 Readers' Poll here.

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