Bill Amundson's Blurred Vision: A sight for sore eyes

Bill Amundson, once a local character and still the inimitable creator of what might be the densest work on the planet, took off last year for his home state of Wisconsin. But he's back for a visit, and what might be the show of his lifetime (at least so far): Blurred Vision.

The show, which opens tonight at Plus Gallery with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m., features large drawings, many of which require extra perusal time due to the amount of imagery packed into each one.

The damnedest thing about it, though, is that a week before the opening, Amundson developed his own backwardly prophetic case of blurred vision, as noted in this missive to Plus Gallery's Ivar Zeile:

Ivar, On Tuesday my left eye was really red and kinda foggy, and as the days passed it didn't get any better.  Yesterday I went to the hospital and it turns out I have Iritis in that eye, which can be very dangerous if not treated.  I still can't see out of it very well, but I've got a series of heavy duty eyedrops and am doing something.  They're not sure where it comes from, could be auto immune, but they claim its not stress or overuse.  So, for some reason, just prior to the show, I've ACTUALLY BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH BLURRED VISION!  What the fuck!  Is Jesus doing that to me for making fun of him? I think it will get better, but I finished the last drawing this morning under duress.

The good news is that Amundson's vision is getting better (apparently the problem had nothing to do with overuse). And the work in the show is gonna knock your socks off. Here's a sample:

See Blurred Vision through December 3.

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