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Blind Date opens at the Garner Galleria -- but don't go alone!

Improv theater is risky, especially when it calls for pulling an unsuspecting audience member onto the stage for the entirety of the show. Case in point, the Garner Galleria's production of Blind Date, in which the show's creator and only star, Rebecca Northan, hand-picks a fellow from the crowd to be her blind date for the evening.

At the show's debut this past weekend, Noah, a twentysomething Denver real estate salesman, was escorted from his seat to the stage by Northan, who also offered a few minor explanations of how the night would go before she whisked her date off to a make-believe cafe to share an awkward evening.

Northan nailed the part of "Mimi," a left-for-dead blind date with an arousing Parisian accent and great improv skills that combine humor, information and seduction. She casually sat in her chair, asking basic first-date questions, while the sweating Noah answered as if he really were on a date. And Northan's construction of the scene made us all feel we were watching a real date, too, spying from a booth in the corner and wanting nothing more than to help poor Noah, whose beer-sipping habit became the tell-tale sign of his nervousness, and his honesty.

And while I, a single, 26-year-old writer with no date for the evening, did a little sweating while sat betwixt three sweet ladies and four lovely young couples, I still managed to find the humor in the show -- and actually found myself wanting the experience of dating again. Blind Date's clean, honest and nervous humor, mixed with some adult language and cocktails appropriate for the audience, make this a perfect evening out.

And hey, if you're lucky, maybe Mimi will grab you and put you in an unexpected liplock.

Blind Date runs through November 6 at the Garner Galleria in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, with performances Tuesday-Sunday. For more information or to get tickets, click here.

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