Bloody Sunday

For the typical nine-to-five work-week slave, Sunday nights are for staying at home and dreading Mondays. And while the adventurous twenty-something will still occasionally pull a bar-closing bender and struggle through day one like the walking dead, most indentured employees send a very clear message by staying on the couch: Screw you, hangover — get lost until Saturday.

Corey Sylvester, assistant manager of Whiskey Bar, wants to change all that. He knows that Sundays at Whiskey Bar — or any bar, for that matter — are a tough sell, but he also knows he can't make any money if the bar's closed, so he's beefed things up a bit. He tried competitive Rock, Paper, Scissors, but only six people showed, so he's added a second night of free Texas Hold 'Em action à la the Denver Poker Tour, plus a post-deal Nine-Ball tournament with generous bar-tab prizes that can be used — gasp! — the same night. The man is a visionary.

Sign-up for poker begins at 6:30 p.m., with the action usually ending around 10; billiards starts immediately after. Whiskey Bar is at 2201 Larimer Street. Get more information at 303-297-0303 or www.whiskeybardenver.com.
Sundays, 6:30 p.m., 2006

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