Blue Christmas: Craigslist's most depressing missed connections

For the lonely, there's probably not much lonelier than Christmas, that time of year when we're supposed to be basking in the warmth of family and loved ones, but instead we're watching It's a Wonderful Life for the third time and eating TV dinners seasoned with the bitter salt of our own tears. At times like these, the only thing that can cheer us up are people who are even sadder than we are, and to find those people, there's no better place to go than the Craigslist missed connections.

So that you might feel a little better wrapping presents addressed to yourself just so you'll have something to unwrap on Christmas morning, we bring you the most truly depressing posts on the Craigslist personals from the last week or so. (Tip: Click on the pics to enlarge the text).

This could be a template for pathetic Craigslist loneliness: a woman whose "best friend" is still the guy who clearly broke up with her. Life sucks, you say? Yes it does, anonymous Craigslist poster, yes it does.
And on the other end of the spectrum, we have the person who is incapable of escaping his or her oppressive relationship. On the bright side, at least they have someone to open presents with.
This one doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but man... that last line really gets you, doesn't it.
Just... wow. When you're anonymously soliciting the guy you saw in the back of a cop car via the Internet, it's safe to assume you may be looking for love, as they say, in all the wrong places -- next stop: picking 'em up at the STD clinic. You may think you have your standards, Craigslist girl, but there you would be mistaken.
This is going to end in tears.
This post isn't all that sad -- until you consider that it is posted in the Craigslist missed connections and is addressed to nobody, guaranteeing that this humble request will never be fulfilled. That, and the second line reads like a Hank Williams song.
This is just heartbreaking.

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