Blues Jean Bar

Recently, I lost a close friend. This friend had been with me for many years, had traveled around the world with me, and always made me feel good. I’m talking about my favorite pair of Serfontaine jeans. These were the jeans I could wear with anything, could rock if I’d gained ten pounds, and had carried me through many walks of shame. Cause of death? Crotch blowout. This had nothing to do with the walks of shame; I just wore them too much. It got to the point where I couldn’t bend over and had to take tiny steps to prevent further ripping and now they are folded in my mausoleum so I can longingly stare and pay my respects.

So what does a person do to replace a loved one like that? I’ll tell you, head to the Blues Jean Bar, located at 250 Fillmore in Cherry Creek. This is not a regular denim boutique where you slink around, embarrassed to ask if they have a size 31. There is a literal wooden bar where they display the “jeans on tap” -- stacks and stacks of denim for men and women that you can look through before you tell the jean-tender what you want to try on.

“I like to think of it as just bellying up to a bar, and ordering what you want,” said Lauren, the awesome denim expert that helped me find my new best friend.

Started in 2004 in San Francisco, the Blues Jean bar has spread to Santa Monica, Dallas, Chicago and thank God, Denver. They carry brands like William Rast, Joe’s, People’s Liberation, Paige Premium, 1921, Brown Label, Earnest Sewn, Habitual, Raven and Stitch’s. Every Friday they host a happy hour from 4-6 p.m. where shoppers can have a beer or glass of wine and enjoy specials on the merchandise. They also host private events and encourage every group, from a book club to a wedding shower, to use their space. Besides denim, they carry cute dresses and t-shirts, great slip-on shoes and accessories, all that look good with jeans, of course.

These are people that understand the quest for the perfect pair. They get it. There is even a pair of heels to try on to make sure the length is right, and for any girl that has height issues you know how important that is.

I left the store happier (and a bit poorer) with my new friend in tow. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me.

- Rossy Kay

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