Bogeyman Art Show spooks around this October at Eric Matelski's MacSpa gallery

Last year, Denver artepreneur Eric Matelski put together a themed Halloween gallery show riffing off Ouija boards. This year, his ode to the witching hour mines a global collection of bogeyman stories, including a few new ones that sprouted from the twisted imaginations of an artist or two. The Bogeyman Art Show opened on Monday at the MacSpa, where you can see it during business hours through October 29

The really interesting thing about bogeyman art, Matelski points out, is that every piece -- El Cuco, the Sack Man, Bobo, Namahage or Bloody Bones, to name a few -- has its own chilling story. His own piece in the show (see above) pictures the Polish bogeyman Bobo, who "collects the souls of misbehaving children in a sack," Matelski notes. "He lures them in by making the sound of a baby, then rides away in his cart pulled by cats. On nights of a full moon, he weaves clothes for the souls he has taken."

Here are two more, which come complete with their own stories:

A malicious beast from Lancashire in north-western England. She lives in pools and lakes where the surface is covered in green scum. When a child plays in the water or goes near it, Jenny Greenteeth would rise from the water and drag the child under with her long green fangs. Stories of her were told to children by nursemaids to stop children playing near deep water. El Chayokin resides in the northern mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico and is used as a deterrent for unruly and mean children. El Chayokin wanders rivers, creeks and creeps into small villages in search of misbehaving children. It is attracted to to the cries and screams. It will avoid laughter at all costs and has been known to abscond with a child to raise and possibly eat them when they reach puberty.

As for the others? Matelski has already sworn that if he uses the theme again, an accompanying story will be a requirement. But for now, you'll just have to make up your own. And you'll get the chance at an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. tomorrow, October 6, with the option of a $5 spooky-history walking tour with author Mario Acevedo and other surprises.

And on October 22, in preparation for that day's Zombie Crawl downtown, there will be second reception, with more tours and Zombicaturist-about-town Stan Yan for hire, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.