Born to Be Mild

At one point in the not-so-distant past, riding a scooter was as much about tribalism as transportation. Affiliated with the mod and Brit-pop subcultures, Denver's original scooter rally, Mile High Mayhem, was an annual gathering of that tribe. Resurrected last year, MHM is once again planning to bring together those Denverites who ride scooters as a way of life – although, as organizer Phil Lombardo points out, there's not quite as much mayhem in Mayhem thirteen years after its inception.

"Instead of a big ride out to the mountains on Saturday like we used to do, we're just riding to Sloan's Lake for a picnic," says Lombardo with a laugh. “Riding scooters used to be more of a counterculture thing, but we're all getting older. Now, Mayhem is as just much about showing off our babies as it is about showing off our scooters."

Mile High Mayhem 13 comes together tonight at 8 p.m. at the Beauty Bar, 608 East 13th Avenue. DJs Chris Irvin, Scott Dammit, Jedi Scott and DogBoy will be spin a wide variety of tunes for the dance floor. Admission to the 21+ party is free. A range of scooter riders and events are planned for the weekend; for a full schedule, visit
Fri., July 30, 2010

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Jason Heller
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