Boulder company brings you Vancouver Olympics in 3-D

So it probably won't be until the 2012 London games that we're watching the Olympics on 3-D TVs (presumably while sitting on 4-D couches), but until then at least we have Google Earth.

Boulder-based EarthvisonZ is behind, a Google Earth-powered site with a 3-D directory of all things Vancouver 2010: the athletes, the venues, the news, the TV schedule, and the medal count.

The only thing missing: the actual competition.

But the site is a nice laptop companion to the 2-D NBC broadcast, offering up bios of the competitors and 3-D renderings of the venues -- you can zoom in to the point where every chair on every lift is visible. (The Google Earth plugin is required; download here.)

This morning, I pulled up the bio of Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, the Ghanaian "Snow Leopard," then checked the hockey schedule and the headlines. The medal count was not up to date, but the rest of the content was solid and held my short attention span for a short time.

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Eric Peterson