Bread and Circuses

Say you were throwing a dinner party for a group of your favorite hobbits. What would you whip up? Marinated goat cheese, maybe, with tangy apple soup, a garden salad and a chicken pot pie? That's exactly what local storyteller and chef Carol Hampson will be serving this Saturday, March 15, at the Vanilla Factory Coffee Company's third Dinner at Bilbo's feast and dramatic performance.

"I've conjured up stuff that I consider to be hobbit food," says Hampson. "It's a little bit of my imagining what they would like to eat, plus what I learned from reading the book over and over again. I paid close attention to what's in Bilbo's pantry; I know that they appreciate a good meal, with lots of pastry-type things."

After guests have stuffed themselves with a dessert of poppyseed cake and coffee, Hampson will launch into her one-hour, one-woman rendition of The Hobbit, complete with music and special effects. "I try to present a cohesive picture of The Hobbit by doing the best, juiciest parts of the book," says the hostess/actress, who has been performing Tolkien's work for over seven years. "I want people to understand what hobbits are all about and what Tolkien is saying. There is so much to learn from them."

The Vanilla Factory Coffee Company is located at 2700 Arapahoe Street, Denver. The dinner show, which starts at 6:30 p.m., costs $25 per person and is limited to 25 people. Call 303-296-6842 for reservations.

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Julie Dunn
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