Bring The Outdoors Indoors

There will be no shortage of stuff to buy at the International Sportsmen’s Exposition; from fishing reels to adventure vacations to art featuring wildlife, the expo will most likely have something to appeal to anyone who’s ever held a rifle and thought, awesome. The real draw, though, is not what there is to buy, but what there is to do.

“They bring in experts from around the country who are considered some of the best in the fields of hunting and fishing and so on,” says Jim Czupor of Interpro, the group that handles the expo’s PR, “and these people will do demonstrations.” Such demonstrations include, for example, a trout pond with glass walls, where the Colorado Division of Wildlife will do casting demonstrations, so you can actually see the fish being caught. Got kids? They’re hooked up, too: Not only is admission is free for kids fifteen and under, but there’s a lot for them to do once they get inside, like practicing archery by shooting arrows at plastic dinosaurs. Elsewhere, you might see an eagle up close. You might see a contest that has dogs jumping into a tank of water. “You could spend the day there and not see everything,” Czupor says.

The International Sportsmen’s Exposition starts today at noon at the Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th Street, and continues through the weekend. Tickets are $15, but free parking at Coors Field and a free shuttle to the Convention Center are provided. For more information, go to
Jan. 6-9, 2011

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Jef Otte
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