Broadway challenge proves the perfect stage for Mondo Guerra on Project Runway All Stars

Last night's challenge in Project Runway All Stars was for the designers to create a dress for one of the characters in the Broadway play Godspell. They were given a $200 budget and sent off to Mood to buy "rich-looking fabrics" for their character's wardrobe -- which was to consist of separates that could be assembled onstage.

The bright lights of theater's biggest stage didn't seem to intimidate the designers one bit; they all seemed confident that they would have the winning design.

There were only 24 hours for this challenge, so Joanna's critiques came fast and furious. She wasn't sure if Austin's design was good or bad:"Is it hideous or is it fabulous?" She was less uncertain about Kara's design, however, telling her that she was "not as ambitious as you need to be to be an all star."

Kenley was apparently just as ambitious as an all star needed to be, saying, "I do everything 100 percent. It must be so annoying for the other designers." The other designers didn't seem too worried about Kenley's outfit, but did have some choice words about the other designers. Mondo thought Kara's model "looked like a tube of lipstick," while Jerrell felt Mila's designs made her model look "like a girl who can't get in to the club."

Once the clothes hit the runway, it was up to the judges -- including guest judge Sutton Foster; a two-time Tony winner and current star of Anything Goes -- to decide who was good enough for the bright lights of Broadway.

Mondo: Blue brocade smoking jacket with gold trim over a gold patterned dress.

Austin: Marie Antoinette-inspired silver brocade dress with full skirt and black trim with faux fur shawl and black headpiece.

Michael: Chartreuse full skirt with a shiny floral halter top and a Carmen Miranda-style headdress.

Kara: Black-and-silver strped top under a faux fur shall with large silver bow and a long red skirt.

Mila: White faux fur jacket over a shiny nude top with a yellow striped skirt.

Kenley: Red-and-white brocade long jacket with white feather trim over a periwinkle and silver polka-dot top and pastel floral skirt.

Jerrell: 1800s-inspired black maxi skirt with a silver jacket, a matronly-looking outfit that made him lucky to be "safe" this week.

Mondo, Austin and Michael got the highest scores.The judges loved Mondo's fabrics and accessories, but Georgina wished he had found a better length for the skirt. Austin's dress had the judges all aflutter, with Isaac even making the mistake of calling him "Austin Starlet." Michael's chartreuse nightmare somehow appealed to the judges, although Angela thought the model looked a bit like the Chiquita Banana woman (and I agree). In the end, Mondo's look reigned supreme, and his design will be featured in all upcoming productions of Godspell on Broadway.

The judges were less than impressed with Kara, Mila and Kenley. Mila's look didn't quite hit the high-society mark they were looking for: "This looks like someone who may walk the streets," Sutton Foster said. "This is Pretty Woman before she got pretty."

Kenley said she was inspired by vintage looks and the East Village, but Isaac disagreed: "She doesn't live in the East Village; she lives in a doorway in the East Village."

But Isaac really took after Kara. "This is her best work yet," he said, "and I still don't like it."

Kara was sent home.

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