Browser game of the week: A Knight's Quest: Quest for Milk

A quick glance at A Knight's Quest would probably make you think this is another old-school RPG clone, but trust us when we say that it's not. It's actually a pleasantly absurd, bizarre little game filled with so much oddball humor that, even if you don't get all the pop culture references, you'll still walk away with a smirk. Unless of course you have no soul, in which case you probably won't like this little thing at all.

The only goal of the game is to get your mom some milk. That's really it -- honestly. While it looks like a RPG, it actually plays like an adventure game and, as these things are wont to do, makes the task of getting milk a little more difficult than it might appear on first glance.

That's partially because finding someone who has milk requires jumping through some hoops, including getting a witch to turn you into a woman, collecting flowers, joining the hair club for men and more. You'll also be immediately disappointed when you come across a castle/store called "Everything but Milk," which seems like a rather odd and slightly rude name for a store.

If the whole thing gets a little too tough for you but you'd still like to see how it all plays out, a walkthrough is available online. Thankfully you should be able to get through it without much help, as the in-game objective system can guide you through most of the stranger puzzles. Still, there are a few parts where you might want to just skip some things.

A Knight's Quest ends up being a fantastic little adventure game that's pushed along by its silliness, but that has enough gameplay to back it up. There is no combat, but there are some jokes about it, just like there is no actual cross-dressing, but you'll get close enough. Many of the in-jokes are easy to miss, but the lighthearted nature of the whole thing is enough to ensure anyone can enjoy the hunt for milk.

Start you quest for milk here.

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Thorin Klosowski
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