Browser game of the week: Omega Box

Jet-packs! Giant evil heads! Lasers! All this and more in Omega Box, an avoidance game that tasks you to, er, avoid evil things shooting at you for as long as possible. It might seem simple on the surface, but it's surprisingly addictive and oddly enjoyable once you settle into it.

But yeah, as far as premises go, this one is as simple as it gets: You're a little dude, a test subject, and you have to avoid shit. You also have to capture little blue packs that keep your life in balance, which is harder than it seems, as the test chamber seems hellbent on ending your life as quickly as possible.

From there, the word avoidance pretty much sums up what the game is all about. While the blue things are precious little orbs you most certainly want to pick up, everything else is on the no-fly list, meaning you're constantly going back and forth between avoiding everything and touching things. It's a solid balance and a nice differentiation from what we're used to with these types of games. Speaking of these types of games, as is their custom, one hit kills you -- so don't screw up.

You'll also have access to an upgrade suite that includes bombs, jet pack power-ups and other such things to make your life easier. You'll only get to use one at a time though, so choose wisely. They offer a little bit of variety to gameplay, but most of them aren't particularly useful in most instances.Still, it's nice to know they're around.

It's not exactly innovative or particularly interesting on any type of sophisticated level, but Omega Box does what it sets out to do and does well. It might not seem like it has grabbed you at first, then suddenly, 25 minutes later, you realize you haven't looked away from your screen and you've been trying and trying again to get past the damn wall lasers. That's a sure sign a Flash game is hitting the sweet spot.

Play it here.

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