Browser game of the week: Transylvania

Transylvania is what we'd probably call a cute, little distraction game. It's not difficult, and it's odd enough to keep your interest for a few minutes. That's probably not the greatest sales pitch in the world, but this is a game worth checking out. Plus, you can play through the whole thing in around ten minutes.

As is the trend these days, Transylvania provides you with a silhouette view of your character and the world. Through this, you're tasked with solving little micro-puzzles after you accidently crash your car in Transylvania. These puzzles are simple, logic based problem-solving things that require you to go through a series of actions in a prescribed order to leave the screen.

As a whole, the game is a bit reminiscent of slew of children's games, which is to say it's a relatively easy game to run through. The logic is very simple, but the world's quirkiness still makes it an enjoyable and fun experience even if it offers no challenge whatsoever. A typical puzzle will go something like this: open door, move key, shake tree, move through door. There is rarely a penalty for screwing up, so even if you've got the brain-power of a potato you'll be able to get through by trial and error.

The controls are a bit odd: You'll use your mouse to start the animation for movement, not to tell your little dude where to go. You also don't need to worry about spatial constrictions, as you can seemingly control the environment with your mind to get it to do whatever you want it to do.

The story operates on a couple different levels, with hints being given to you about the true nature of Transylvania as you move along. It's nothing shocking, but it does do a good jop of conveying a clear narrative without saying much. It manages to keep you entertained throughout, and as you progress you'll learn a bit more about the way things work in Transylvania.

Play it here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.